Terrific Kids

Every month, the classroom teachers of Skyview Elementary select a student from their classroom whom they feel sets the example for being T.E.R.R.I.F.I.C.!

These students are: thoughtful, enthusiastic, respectful, responsible, inclusive, friendly, inquisitive, and capable!

*Indicates students selected for the field trip to our business partners, Clear Mountain Bank and Westover McDonalds. 

Nick and Autumn Bank         Nick and Autumn McDonalds


Charlee Tressler
Autumn Luzader
Wyatt Casteel
Layla West

Gage Milik
Sherry Li
Wyatt Brown

1st Grade:
Kimber Blosser
Carter Chapman
Lyla Brost

2nd Grade:
McKinlee Goodnight
Maci Lawson
Aubri Fortner

3rd Grade:
*Nicolas Weber
Karlie Drvar
Sahil Badhan

4th Grade:
*Autumn Wolfe
Michael Stilley

5th Grade:
Meghan Knisely
Dylan Walsh
Sophia Drvar



Ayslynn Ruth
Adalena Johnson
Hannah Casteel
Duke Kerns

Randi Deems
Owen Ferrebee
Zayd Contic

1st Grade:
Easton May
Grace Keller
Jaxon Talbert

2nd Grade:
Brener Wrachford
Blake Long
Reed Weaver

3rd Grade:
Tegan Haney
Jaylynn Stockett
*Brooke Jackson

4th Grade:
Andrew Lucci
Kaleah Otlano
Megan Powell

5th Grade:
*Malcolm Loughry
Kiara Gallo
Elizabeth Lewis