Due to severe weather predictions, the University High School graduation ceremony is rescheduled for Saturday, 5/28 at 5:00 P.M at the stadium.  

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Arctic Academy Information

Dear Parents, 

Tis the season for winter weather to be in the forecast!

Remember, there are now 3 different announcements that you may hear.  A school cancellation (SNOW DAY) means students do not come to school.  A 2-HOUR DELAY means students report to school 2 hours later than normal.  For Eastwood that means students may enter the building at 9:50 a.m. If School Messenger mentions that it is an ARCTIC ACADEMY DAY, students will not come to school but will have special assignments to complete at home that day.  An Arctic Academy Day counts as a day of instruction, so students who complete the assignment will be counted present for the day  Information about those assignments is listed below.


Grades PreK - 2

Teachers for grades PreK - 2 have sent home activity packets for their students to complete.  This includes directions for what students are supposed to do.  All assignments for these grades will be activity-based and/or pencil & paper.  If you have lost your packet, you may find them listed on a sub-page for Arctic Academy.  Simply print off a few pages of the PDF and turn them in.  If you do not have a printer, you can write the assignment on paper.


Grades 3-5

Students in grades 3-5 have work assignments on their Chromebooks.  Everything they will need can be found in their Google Classroom for Arctic Academy.  Teachers have gone over this information with students at school.

*If a student does not have their Chromebook or internet that day, they may read for 20 minutes, write a few sentences about what they read, and practice math flash cards or play a math game.   They may also choose some of the alternative activities listed below.  If students choose to do the alternative activity, please have students write on paper what they did and hand it in the next school day.*


On Arctic Academy Days, you may call the school at 304-284-8226 from 8:30 -10:00 a.m. or from 1:45 - 3:15 p.m. if you have any questions.  One of the teachers will be able to help.


Alternative Activities:

  • Watch the news.  Write or draw a response on what you've learned.
  • Write and illustrate a story or comic, topic of your choice.
  • Research the weather and make weather predictions for the day or week.
  • Go outside and explore the winter weather! Build a snowman, write words in the snow, build an igloo, etc.
  • Practice counting.  Count collections you may have of buttons, cars, legos, etc.
  • Read any book, newspaper, magazine with a partner.
  • Complete chores together as a family: shovel snow, clean out a closet, fold laundry, cook dinner, bake, feed the cat, etc.
  • Access many links to games and activities on the school website:  MyOn, iReady, ABCya, Starfall, etc. 


Information for how to login to your Google account from a device other than a Chromebook: https://ees.mono.k12.wv.us/13/Content2/1448 


Other activities your child may do:  

Spanish Education

 https://rockalingua.com/           username: eastwood   password: oso


Music - Grades 4th and 5th have a music Google Classroom they can access, which also has their music they can practice for their upcoming concert.