Class of 2024

Last Updated: 9/25/2020 6:02 PM

Class of 2024

Lauren Landry 
School Counselor 

Class of 2024

 Hello Class of 2024! Welcome to your first year at Morgantown High School.  Expand your comfort zone and push yourself to be better each day.  I am very excited to get to know each of you!  Try your best and work hard this year and put your high school career on the right track.

Mrs. Landry

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Class of 2024 Welcome Slideshow


Mohigan Mania Freshmen Edition Orientation Booklet


Survive and Thrive Freshman Year Tip Sheet

Frequently Asked Questions (please note due to COVID-19 some of the answers may change) 



Community Resources

Community Resources 

Christian Help: 


Children’s Mobile Crisis Response & Stabilization Teams (United Summit Center): Phone #: 844-985-4371 


Career Exploration Links

Career Exploration Links: 

******Be sure to also check out the Prevention and Wellness Tab located on the MHS website, under the Guidance & Counseling Tab for even more resources!!