Sites for Teachers to use with Students

Last Updated: 8/13/2020 3:11 AM

Go Guardian - This is a site that allows teachers to monitor students' participation and engagement in class as well as allowing the teacher to limit or allow appropriate Internet resources for students.

Schoology - This is the platform we use for entering grades, communicating with students and parents through messaging, and sharing assignments and instruction.  

PBIS Rewards - This site is used by teachers to acknowledge appropriate student behavior.

Common Sense Media - This site provides lessons for teachers on cyber-safety, establishing a digital footprint, how to avoid or overcome cyber-bullying, and more.  This site has the required lessons for CIPA compliance.

Discovery Education - This is a site that is available to middle and high school teachers in Monongalia County.  Teachers have access to lessons, videos, and creative tools for teachers and students 

World Book Online - This site is available to Monongalia County teachers that provide encyclopedia-style information, virtual online tours, timelines, etc.

MyVRSpot - This site is available to Mon. County teachers to share videos, create video and audio recordings, portfolios, and more.

WVGSA - This is the state testing platform used for summative assessments as well as interim that can be used to monitor students' learning of grade-level concepts throughout the year.

Math Assessment Project - This site is part of the Math Design Collaborative initiated by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.  This site has assessments and lessons to help teachers provide a deeper understanding of 21st-century math skills.

MCS Math Teacher Resources - This county site includes resources for math teachers.