PBIS Rewards


At South, we have been using the app/website PBIS rewards to communicate the good and bad behavior of our students to parents.  PBIS stands for Positive Behavioral Intervention and Supports. 

The PBIS Rewards system allows all staff members to give students points digitally either with a computer, tablet, or phone.  Students will wear lanyards with an ID card attached to it in order for staff members to scan it when students are following our school-wide behavior plan (We refer to it as HERD: Helpul, Engaged, Respectful, & Driven).  Teachers may also use their computer portals to give points as well.  This makes it much easier for teachers to give points when most students in the class are doing the "right thing" and what is expected of them.  Students will be able to use their points to purchase items in our school store and attend our school-wide events.  Their lanyard and ID card will stay on them. We ask that when they are not wearing them to store them in their chromebook case.  (If students do lose them, they will need to purchase a new one.)

Students and parents are able to see their points by logging in on the computer with their school name (South Middle School--Morgantown, WV)  their first ititial, last initial, and their ENTIRE lunch number.  They may also download the PBIS Rewards app from their itunes or android store.  They must have their lanyard and ID to scan in order to get their point information from the app though.   Below is the website for PBIS Rewards:  


What is PBIS? Check out: https://www.pbisrewards.com/blog/what-is-pbis/ for more info.

If you would like help accessing the app and your child's account, please fill out the "technology workorder" under "technology" and we will get with you shortly! 


During the school year of 2018-2019 we are also going to be initiating a Lanyard/Student ID system.  Letters were sent home like the one below:

PBIS Parent Letter

Each student will be provided with:

  • A South Middle School Lanyard (they can purchase their own as well)
  • A plastic sleeve
  • A photo ID (based off of their school picture photo)
  • Paper hallpass
  • PBIS scan card

Students are expected to wear these at all times while at school.  We encourage them to store them in their chromebook sleeves or bookbags at the end of the day.

What if a student didn't get an ID or PBIS letter (or one of the items listed above)?

  • Student ID's are based on their school pictures.  If they were unable to attend school pictures or have lost their original ID or if we never got one, we will have a generic ID for them in the office by the end of the day for them to use.  It will not have their picture, but grade level, school and name.
  • PBIS letter or card--let Mrs. Sherry know.
  • Hall Passes (they need to let their teachers know)
  • Lanyard/Plastic Sleeve---see the office.

What if a student has LOST any of the above?

  • Follow the same procedure as above.  However....
  • Lanyard replacement is $5.00 OR 100 PBIS points; Plastic Sleeve is $2.00 or 45 PBIS points