Become a Parent Volunteer

Last Updated: 7/10/2018 7:07 PM

How to Access Monongalia County Schools Volunteer Training Policy


All Volunteers need to complete this training per Monongalia County Schools Policy 8-15


  1. Go to Monongalia County Schools homepage:
  2. Click on District Info tab across the top of page.
  3. Click on Divisions tab on side of page.
  4. Click on Pupil Services tab on side of page.
  5. Click on Safe & Supportive Schools tab on side of page.
  6. Click on Instructions for Volunteer Procedure


    Instructions will look like this with active links to use:

    • Go to
      1.  here is the presentation with what you need to know about volunteering in Monongalia County Schools. (The questions will come from this presentations)
    • On the last slide – is a link to the quiz. You must get 8 or more correct on the quiz and complete all parts of that quiz. (If that doesn’t take you to the quiz – here is the link:
    • After you take the quiz hit the Submit button
    • You will receive a message on the screen that gives your score and if you have passed the training.
      • If you passed it will say: “You also will still need to have your Driver's License scanned and pass that scan. This is done at the school. Please allow at least a week for your name to be added to the volunteer list.”
      • If you did NOT receive a score of 8 or better
      •  then you will receive a message that says: Your score was not enough to permit you to volunteer in our schools. Please wait at least 2 days before going through the process again. And remember that you have to get at least 8 correct. Please go back and study the presentation.
  7. Thank you for volunteering with our schools and Good Luck.


 If you pass, please print off your certificate to provide to the South Main Office. Thank you!