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Technology Use and Expectations 

Student Accounts 

Chromebook Issue Report 

Logging In At Home 

Google Links and Other Resources

Frequently Asked Questions 


Technology Use and Expectations

Acceptable Use Policy 

Monongalia County Schools Acceptable Use Policy- (Scroll down to grades 3-12.) This document must be signed and returned in order to use technology in the school. Please review frequently.

Suncrest Chromebook Contract 

Suncrest Middle School Chromebook Contract- This document must be signed and returned (along with county AUP) in order for students to receive their Chromebooks. See a recap in the video below.


Student Accounts

Tail for your email

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Tail for your Google Accounts

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Chromebook Issue Report

Chromebook Issue Report

Submit this report if your Chromebook is not working properly or if it is damaged. The technology integration specialist will get back to you as soon as possible. 



Logging In At Home

Captive Portal

If you are on your Chromebook outside of school and trying to access a Google-based website, you may encounter a captive login (see photo below). Simply use your credentials to log in (your email and your personalized password). This may occur again the next time you connect to your personal WiFi.

Photo of a Captive Portal login screen


"Working offline" when you are already connected to the Internet

If you already have your Google documents open on your Chromebook and you see a little lightening bolt symbol next to the document name, you are working offline. To reconnect to your document, open a new tab and type in You should be prompted to type in your credentials in the Captive Portal (see above). Do that, reload your Google document in the other tab, and you should be connected. 



Make sure to use the Schoology link from the school or county website. It’s specific to Monongalia County Schools.

  • The best way to do this is through Chromebooks.

  • If you are not on a Chromebook, it is best that you log into the Chrome browser.

    • If you do not have a Chrome browser, you will have to type in your Google credentials (;  Chromebook password).

Note: Because Google and Schoology accounts sync, if you have had your password changed by administration, you will not be able to access Schoology without a teacher present, including at home. Please see your teachers for alternative measures for completing your work outside of school.

Logging in to Google Apps (not on a Chromebook)

If you are using a device other than a Chromebook to access your Google Drive, Google Classroom, Docs, Slides, etc., you need to log in with your entire username and your personalized password.


Links to Google Apps and Other Resources

Google Apps:
Google Drive
Google Documents
Google Slides
Google Sheets


Saving your Google (and OneDrive) Files to a home computer computer or flash drive:
Click here for instructions


Frequently Asked Questions (for students)

Are safety procedures and controls in place to keep my student from accessing inappropriate sites?
Yes. The Chromebooks are configured to Monongalia County Schools settings. Therefore, no matter the WiFi connection, the same firewall settings will take effect on the Chromebooks at home. Additionally, only county-approved applications and games may be downloaded to the Chromebook. However, it is important for the parent/guardian to monitor student activity on an device. For more resources on how to monitor technology use, please visit Common Sense Media's parent resource page

My sibling has a Chromebook. Can they just share that one at home?
No. As the Monongalia County Chromebook contract states, students are only to use the Chromebook that is assigned to them. Not only is the individual responsible for that one device, but the Chromebooks default to each individual student's settings. You signed your AUP agreeing that you would only use your device and that you won't let others use yours.

 Can I personalize my Chromebook and case? 
Yes. As long as all personaliziations are removeable and do not leave damage, students may add them to their cases and devices. All items in or on the case as well as the Chromebook may not be hard (i.e. buttons, pins, hard keychains, raised stickers) as these items often cause damage to the screen upon impact. Students may not apply stickers or tape to the Chromebook since they leaeve a residue. However, computer decals or contact paper are good alternatives. On decorative items for the cases may include: badges, ribbon, string. Decorative items for Chromebooks include: removeable decals or skins that do not involve the removal or casing or keys. 

What model is my Chromebook?

Lenovo 100e Chromebook (USB-c Charger)

Please make sure that harder accessories such as USB mice, speakers, and headphones are carried separately, not in the Chromebook case. Any impact of these accessories on the device could cause damage.